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Watergarden Istanbul

Name: Watergarden Istanbul
Nummer: 1284
Kunde: Water Garden Istanbul
Designer / Berater: GVDS Architectural
Standort: Istanbul / Turkey
Lösung: Einkaufszentrum und Einzelhandel
Produkte: Bewegbare Oberlichter / Dächer
Grösse: 7,35 x 62,50 m
Verglasung: 6mm Tempered + 1.52 stained glass pvb + 6mm Tempered
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If you are a food lover and you happened to be in Istanbul there are lot of places where you can experience the Turkish cuisine. The city has the range of restaurants and cafes that offers delicious food but what make the difference is the ambiance and the environment. If you are looking for a perfect environment restaurant, coffee shops, mall and children play area then do visit the water garden in the Asian side of Istanbul which is a fantastic place. It has a retractable glass roof system which is massive in size, unique and looks amazing. 

The Water Garden features a ClearSky application with patterned glass that provides a visual element to this shopping mall. The retractable skylights not only warm customers in the winter, but also bring in fresh air and sunlight in the summer months. The retractable structure with colored glass creates a delightful experience for the customers and gives them the freedom of indoor and outdoor depending on the weather. 

The project was completed with the ultimate satisfaction of the clients. Retractable skylights transform the Water garden commercial street in an outdoor space in good weather and indoor shopping mall in bad weather. The modern style and aesthetic looks bring more charm to the place and people loves to click picture beneath the structure. The project itself an engineering wonder as it was installed without the need of any vertical structure, but the safety was not compromised.  In an interview with GVDS (Görkem Volkan Design Studio) which are the designers of Water Garden shopping Mall, they said that this project was one of their best projects from their beginning in 2006. They were very satisfied with the work of Libart and during an interview the CEO of GVDS mentioned about the Libarts dedication in Product development and the quality of working Libart is doing internationally. You can check the complete interview via this link. Read the testimonial 

For every project Libart is eager to fill the space with natural lights and manufactures the retractable systems that gives the feelings of happiness, transform moods of the folks wandering inside them. The same we have done for the water garden Istanbul where the retractable roof system was integrated with the building in a perfect manner and the outcome was beyond the expectations of the owners. 

The years of experience in the retractable glass roof systems have enabled Libart to complete the projects in the stipulated time-frame. From concept to reality Libart always achieved the dreams of clients. 

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