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Ve Cafe

Ve Cafe
Name: Ve Cafe
Nummer: 1313
Standort: Istanbul , TR
Lösung: Restaurant & Cafe
Produkte: Vertikal Fenster / Türen
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The Ve café Restaurant located on a very good location that offers an amazing view outside the building through the big openings. But there were problems, the normal windows were not that big with vertical profiles in the center that disturb the view and secondly, they take space in opening and closing. These windows were covered with screens that have to be closed and open depending upon the weather outside. A single man space was allotted to the places in case the window has to be open and closed, that also disturbs the customers; interestingly losing the best space of the café.

Back in 2013, when Libart was busy in researching and innovating retracting products to improve architecture with motion, Ve Café connected and ask for the solution. This was the first time that Panora - View automatic guillotine windows were designed and installed at the facility of our client. The results were fantastic and above the expectations. Vertical retracting windows that don’t take any space, adding the feature or Large span with no vertical frame brings more light in the environment and creating a unique experience. This experience of the joyful environment was long demanded; offering panoramic views, comfortability and freedom.

As the manager of the Ve café said that we have increased our sales in massive; after having the Panoramic windows installed. Customers are happier with the ambiance and environment we are offering is unparallel to our competitors. We have the control in our hands for weather and all the café windows can be opened and close on a push of a button.

Starting from this project we have completed so many as of today and few are under process. Have a look at some of the projects below

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