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Scottsdale Steak House

Name: Scottsdale Steak House
Number: 2856
Ort: Scottsdale , AZ, US
Lösungen: Restaurant & Cafe
Produkte: Retractable Skylights / Roofs
Größe: -
Verglasung: 10mm Twin Wall Solar Control Polycarbonate Glazing
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Libart has collaborated with this exclusive Steak House to create a unique new dining experience with Scottsdale’s first retracting skylight. In the dining atrium of this restaurant the restaurant skylight creates a rejuvenating and relaxing area for customers to enjoy their meals. Now the Scottsdale steakhouse can get greater return of investment from its dining area as the open air feel attracts more customers during summer months while still being able to seal for comfort in colder months. The 672 square foot retractable restaurant roof features glazing that blocks harmful UV rays while still allowing in the warmth of the sun. This allows the atrium to still be enjoyed on windy days.
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Scottsdale Steak House