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Penthouse VIP

Name: Penthouse VIP
Nummer: Penthouse VIP
Standort: Istanbul / Turkey
Lösung: Private Villas
Produkte: Vertikal Fenster / Türen
Grösse: 3,7 m x 2,4 m / 3,9 m x 2,4 m (2 units)
Verglasung: 6mm tempered clear + 20 air gap + 6mm tempered clear
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The next generation Panora-view window simply replaced the facade system. The view from this penthouse is superb but it won’t allow the residents to enjoy the scenes in bad weather. With the Libart concept of Motion in Architecture applied to this place; the experience is aristocratic. It offers a panoramic view and inherited the characteristics of window and balcony. Libart has achieved the thermal insulation of 1.6Uw with a vertical retracting window that makes their living room comfortable and freshen them with a cool breeze by opening the window on a push of a button.

Our Panora view Windows and doors are the perfect replacement for Facade system!

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