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Marina SolaGlide

Name: Marina SolaGlide
Number: 171
Ort: Istanbul, TR
Lösungen: Restaurant & Cafe
Produkte: Retractable Skylights / Roofs
Größe: 6m x 7.6m ( 20' x 25' )
Verglasung: 16mm, clear, triple X wall PC
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This café on the pier in Istanbul was a very popular location for customers and foodies looking for a unique and beautiful view on the pier. The revenue of the café is drastically increased due to the new Libart glass opening roof that allows in fresh air during summer months and allowing the area to be used as a smoking zone, something very popular to Turkish diners. The dining area counts as an indoor and outdoor area due to the retracting enclosure.
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Marina SolaGlide