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Istanbul Pool SolaGlide

Name: Istanbul Pool SolaGlide
Nummer: 160
Standort: Turkey
Lösungen: Sport & Freizeit
Produkte: Bewegbare Oberlichter / Dächer
Grösse: 6m x 16.5m ( 21' x 54' )
Verglasung: 16x Clear PC
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The customizable Libart SolaGlide is perfect for the atmosphere, for any setting. This specific pool SolaGlide features a retracting skylight that allows fresh air to come in at the owners desire. The walls feature many sliding panels for ease of access and an open air feel.

The entire side wall glass enclosure blends in with the décor of the house as if it was designed and built when the house was originally constructed.  The open air feel is achieved by the aforementioned glass skylight.  

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