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The adventure of architecture, which constantly pursues the better, continues to carry the residences far beyond being just a building that answers the need for shelter.The definiton of home began to shape with authenticity,functionality and comfort since the first time that housing ceased to be seen as just four walls.

Libart is producing solutions that turns gardens, pool sides, patios into interior home units in case of need in order to create spaces that can be enjoyed in all four seasons. In the purpose of enlarging the spaces or making them multifunctional, Libart creates original life solutions. It literally makes the architecture kinetic by providing ability to add the outdoor spaces to interior in residential needs due to climatic or other reasons.

Residential --Denver Villa  #4721
Denver Villa
Private Villas

Libart makes the ideal places for the whole family to have a pleasent time together, become areas that can be transformed with a single click according to the weather conditions.

With its terrace solutions that can be a winter garden and also can be enjoyed in the open air when it’s desired, the systems that allow you to have both indoor and outdoor pools without losing space or money, ... Lern mehr

Residential --Ege Suits Apartments  #1285
Ege Suits Apartments
Residential Complexes

The feeling of being trapped in multi-flat housing projects ends with Libart systems!

Libart’s window systems that provide seamless and panoramic views, offers a unique housing experience with easy-to-move mechanisms and provide insulation. The systems turn apartments into convinient and spacious residentials.

Combining the comfort of indoor with the freedom of outdoor by the ... Lern mehr

Residential Portfolios

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