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Considering the architecture of industrial buildings which have a majör impacts on the economy, security, functionality, climate control and isolation are seen as the main concepts. In such structures, where the value-oriented approach stands out, design should be approached down to the last detail in order not to experience the loss of production, Money, labor and time and analysis of the most efficient operations should be made for each sector.

Libart, creates solutions for clean rooms, machine rooms, waste conversion facilities to meet the sector-specific needs of companies operating in many fields from automative to aviation, marine to military sectors. With its systems that bring motion to architecture, Libart aims to deal with problems that may arise in industrial plants in the best way.

Industrial --Industrial Clean Room #4351
Industrial Clean Room
Clean Rooms

Industrial clean rooms and production areas should be designed in a prepared manner in case of having problems provided by the factors such as dust, dirt, air quality, noise and privacy when required.

The architect and designers within Libart are workings to achieve the best results by making changes on the systems according to the needs of clean rooms. Thanks to Libart kinetic systems ... Lern mehr

Industrial --Machine Enclosures #4521
Machine Enclosures
Factory Solutions

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Industrial --Mercedes  #5136
Car Parks

Issues such as corrosion protection, ventilation, provising sunlight, climate and dust control are the most common difficulties in industrial facilities. E

experienced Libart design team, bringing the most efficient and healthy facilities together with the user by solving the problems of industrial plants and meeting the needs arising from these problems.

Contact us to find out ... Lern mehr

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