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Cities never stop evolving, so why would architectural design? Trade is a factor that has been a part of people’s life an deven shaped their life from past to present. And everything that shapes life, of course, shapes architecture. We define this organic and infinite change as harmony and motion in architecture.

From the agoras that founded in ancient Greece to complex constructions of today, commercial spaces which can be considered the castle of interaction and socialization in human life, took its place in the ongoing evolution process of architecture with the innovations brought by this era and technological developments.

So what makes a difference in today’s architecture?

Libart includes unique and original designs into commercial spaces in its adventure which started by saying “Outdoor freedom, indoor comfort”. With the motion it brings to architecture, Libart makes it possible to turn closed spaces into well-designed kinetic streets by creating spaces that embrace every season. In addition to its design flexibility and concept integrity, it provides low energy and ventilation costs for business owners, including electricity and lighting. Thanks to its easy and safe operation, Libart is becoming an obvious choice in retractable architectural systems.

Commercial --Godfrey Hotel #6006
Godfrey Hotel

Booked rooms are not enough to define a hotel succesful. It is also important how enjoyable the tourists who visit the hotel remember their experience. If customers spend more time in the hotel, investors make more profit.

Libart’s retractable systems make it possible to create attractive, spacious and convenient spaces in hotels, cafes, restaurants, pools, spa, multi-use areas and save ... Lern mehr

Commercial --Union Restaurant  #4612
Union Restaurant

People need fun all year around and Libart meets this need by creating systems that are not affected by poor conditions!

Providing solutions with its systems for night clubs to event areas, places where ventilation is necessary, Libart make it possible to use these spaces for four seasons.

By converting the space open when desired or close, and offering maximum usage area in all ... Lern mehr

Commercial --Oltewah Swim Center #4618
Oltewah Swim Center
Aquatic, Health & Sport

Without a doubt, every business desire having both indoor and outdoor pools. However, it requires more space and costs more.

Libart creates functional spaces that can be enjoyed every season with its systems that can easily close the outdoor pools which can only be used in beautiful weather. Oferring variant systems that can be turned on demand in places such as pools, gyms and spa centers, ... Lern mehr

Commercial --Paladium Tower Polenez Grill #4047
Paladium Tower Polenez Grill
Restaurant & Cafe

The spaciousness and daylight factors are the most powerful arguments that people think when they are deciding which restaurants and cafes to prefer. Thanks to Libart’s systems, these factors combines with the comfort od indoors and meet the customers.

With different solutions is provides, Libart systems not only turn each table into the table by the window by opening and making use of ... Lern mehr

Commercial --Point Bornova Shopping Mall #6686
Point Bornova Shopping Mall
Shopping Malls & Retail

Especially in large cities, the number of open spaces is rapidly depleted, while the number of people who are unhappy with their time in closed spaces is increasing.

With Libart's innovative systems, shopping malls and retails meet a new concept. Moving roofs turn the place into an open street in beautiful weather, and in bad weather conditions, instead of closing to a completely closed ... Lern mehr

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