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Grand Altuntas Hotel

Name: Grand Altuntas Hotel
Nummer: 4810
Kunde: Grand Altuntaş Hotel
Standort: Aksaray , TR
Lösungen: Hotel
Produkte: Bewegbare Oberlichter / Dächer
Grösse: 5.46m x 3.43m , 5.46m x 4,27m , 5.46m x 5.20m & 9,5m x 29,6m(fixed)
Verglasung: Insulated Glass
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Hotel pool on the roof top with a nice view is located in Turkey. The Hotel owners wanted to profit from the pool all year long. Libart designed the retractable structure for the Hotel. The full glass structure looks very modern and when the Libart retractable skylight system Works there is a very nice air ventilation inside that do not disturb the customers who are having a nice time in the pool.
This was Libart provides “Indoor comfort Outdoor freedom” with a touch of a button without disturbing the customers.

Fixed skylight   9,5m x 29,6m
2  groups, each 4 bays RRG 5.46m x 5.20m %66 Opening
2  groups, each 4 bays RRG 5.46m x 4,27m %66 Opening
2  groups, each 4 bays RRG 5.46m x 3.43m %66 Opening
The system is controlled automatically with a remote control designed by Libart

Solaglide RRG systems were used for this project 

Glazing support, structural aluminum for fixed and retractable systems was provided by Libart

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