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Glenbrook Pool

Name: Glenbrook Pool
Nummer: 4625
Standort: Glenbrook, AU
Lösung: Sport & Freizeit
Produkte: Glasüberdachungen
Grösse: 20,4m x 16 m ( 66' x 52' )
Verglasung: 16mm triple wall solar control
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“The roof” 3 year old Miles utters in amazement. Libart has completed an amazing retractable enclosure over Glenbrook community pool in Australia. Measuring 330 square meters and five meters high, this pool cover will allow Glenbrook pool and activities to be enjoyed year round. The Glenbrook pool manager Kirrily Twomey says “Learning to swim is one of the important skills and to have a facility year round is just really exciting.”. This massive construction was delivered on time and on budget by Libart partner Skyview Constructions’, owned by Graham Moorland.   Sandy Armstrong of THS pools played an important role in the sale of this retracting cover to the gratitude of Graham Moorland.  Libart retractable enclosures and pool domes are a fantastic addition to any outdoor arena or meeting place, allowing comforts for customers and tenants for all seasons.

Normally the Glenbrook pool has about 250 children doing aquatic lessons but the new council approved pool will hope to increase that number up to 750. The Libart retractable roof on this community pool allows the general public to make full use of their recreational areas. Due to the overcrowding of the existing Springwood community pool the City Council has decided to upgrade their existing assets to balance usage of both areas. With the Libart enclosure not only do they improve council assets but they also improve the community’s value.

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