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Divan Cafe Bebek

Name: Divan Cafe Bebek
Number: 4565
Ort: Istanbul, TR
Lösungen: Restaurant & Cafe
Produkte: Retractable Skylights / Roofs
Größe: 6.6m x 16.3m (21' x 53')
Verglasung: -
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Divan, a legend in Turkey for its food and hospitality, wanted to take advantage of this spectacular location by fully exposing its customers to the Mediterranean sun, at the same time protect them from the wind, rain and storms of the Bosporus while maintaining the natural light inside.

Libart is proud to have been part of this spectacular project, creating a 3 section roof over the café area that pulls back allowing the aforementioned light in. This retracting roof pulls up over the café eating area, creating a fantastic and unique atmosphere which attracts customers from all over the city

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Divan Cafe Bebek