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About Us

Libart stands out in the Operable Architectural solutions market with its experience, Research & Development culture, Engineering, Design Innovation, Style and Feel of the products. The products and services of Libart equip architects with the tools that augment their imagination of multi-function spaces and shape environments replete with natural light. Retractable structures, glass facade system, retractable skylights, retractable roofs, retractable windows, retracting doors, guillotine windows, pool enclosures are just a few solutions but our range of services stretch with the modern architectural designs and innovative ideas which are at the helm of Libart. We are working to be your reference source for Motion in Architecture. 

Under the leadership of Cem (Gem) Çomu, the Founder and CEO of Libart, the contribution to the Industry with Architectural concepts  is marvellous. Libarts' work is endorsed by architects, contractors, and businesses at various platforms. Though the Libart is International Company with manufacturing units in the USA and Australia Cem (Gem) Çomu connected with the roots of Libart at Istanbul, Turkey. 

Headquarter of Libart is located in Istanbul, spread out over two manufacturing facilities, main facility which is of 3100m2 have the corporate office, showroom, R&D laboratory and production workshop, the other facility of 3000m2 is dedicated for manufacturing only. To run all these functions smoothly Libart employees more than 80 proficient personnel. Equipped with modern machinery these production units enables Libart to export in more than 40 countries. Libart USA employs around 25 employees along with the manufacturing unit of 2500 square meter that caters the demand of North & South American markets. On the other hand, the Australian unit producing on 1800m2 facility and benefiting the enclosing market. Libart have three official partners, in the UK,China and India whereas the dealers' network enables Libart presence in almost every country. 


To create operable architectural concepts and products to turn into the imperative practices of Architects.


To enhance the capability of Architects in designing the outdoor spaces transforming them into indoor spaces; bringing new dynamics of experience. Deliver innovative solutions to designers, architects, businesses, individuals with our expertise and intensive research in retractable structures. To establish a robust virtual global network of researchers, architects, engineers and designers where they can share information and discuss new ideas.

How we work at Libart:

Customer first
Decades of Architectural experience and expertise let us transpire the ideas of our customers into existence.

Architectural fervor is at the heart of our company. We are advancing every aspect of our business with innovation

We are going offbeat, research instensively, try new things. Nothing is ever “good enough.” We pave the way in industry

Team Trust
The most important asset for Libart is trusting each other. Working as a team leads to best decisions.

Through partnerships we enlarge mutual benefits

Committed to transparency

Believing transparency for one reason: there is no place for masking information, more information leads to better outcome

We share the same spirit
We strongly believe in self-improvement in every aspect.

Giving back
We share our successes by giving back. To our teammates, to our industry, to the community around us – to people who can use the help.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                    LIBART Team at BAU 2019 Germany

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